Hand Carved Wood Hand Chair - Inspired by Pedro Friedeberg


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In the heart of Bali, under age-old trees, I honed my craft beside a master woodworker - Agung. Each piece he taught me to shape was a symphony of techniques nurtured through generations. We breathed life into wood, crafting not just objects but stories. Through each piece, I hope to share and pass on the peace and spiritual journey I obtained while creating it to the one who receives it.

Elevate your space with the exquisite wooden hand chair, reminiscent of Pedro's iconic designs. This artful creation serves as both a meditative symbol, akin to Buddha's hand, and a striking functional sculpture. Not just a conversation starter, it doubles as an inviting seat or a decorative side table for your candles, books, or serene adornments. The organic variations in the wood lend warmth and character to each piece.

- Measurements: 19ʺW × 15ʺD × 36ʺH
- Weight: 59lbs


a) Expect visible signs of artisanal craftsmanship such as carving marks, patches from repairs, knot impressions, and wormholes.

b) Some separations or fissures may be present upon delivery, a result of the wood's natural drying process. As time passes, these might become more pronounced or lead to new ones. Rest assured, these details do not impact the wood's strength and are celebrated facets of its authentic charm.

c) The showcased piece is an illustration of the design and tone. The piece you receive will have its own unique distinctions.

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